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Best riding school horse breeds

Best riding school horse breeds


Many people wonder what the best riding school horse breeds to learn or ride on. In reality, there isn’t one specific breed that is good for this job. There is a range of different breeds that have the right temperament and attitude for the different questions that will be asked of them in a riding school. This could be anything from a Cob to a Connemara but it does not mean that all that breed will be suitable.

When looking for a horse or pony to join a riding school there are certain requirements that they must pass. They must be assessed on an individual basis as their personalities will be key as to if they are suitable. It is important that all Riding centres complete a risk assessment on each horse to ensure that they understand what use it is appropriate for. It’s good for a riding school to have a range of shapes and sizes to suit each type of customers. It is also important to have more experienced horses available for the clients that are ready to progress. Here is a list of some best riding school horse breeds that you might see in a riding school –


Connemara Pony

This is a sweet, calm breed that is a great all-rounder for all disciplines. This is why it’s a good choice for a riding school pony. Its temperament allows it to be safe for the beginner rider. It also has the ability for the more experienced riders.



These are great for small children as they are sturdy and smart. It is also a gentle breed with a cheeky nature. They also act as great companion ponies so can be used to keep older retired horses company. Everyone needs a friend!



The term cob is used to describe a horse with short legs, a heavy and coarse build and strong musculature. They tend to have a docile temperament and a placid nature. This makes them great for beginners. They come in a range of sizes making them good for riding schools to have a variety of sizes available for their clients.


Sports Horse

This is a light breed, known for its intelligence and gentle personality. This suits all levels of riding and allows the more experienced riders to experience something more advanced.



These are outgoing and have an enquiring nature. They are gentle and have a loving nature making them great for children to learn with. They are usually from 13.2 to 15 hands high making them ideal for the small adults also.



A larger horse, are used in riding schools to accommodate the larger and taller adults as they are of a calm, friendly nature. They live up to the name of the

gentle giant opting for an easy life rather than charging around at 100 miles an hour. There are some rising schools in the UK that will only use Heavy Horse breeds for this reason.


The Shire will be our breed focus in the next edition of the Rural Newsletter so keep an eye out for this – out soon!

There you have it …. a few of the best riding school horse breeds. If you want to learn about getting the right insurance policy for your riding school then get in contact with our Ravenhall Rural team here.