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MamaAtoBs Top Ten Tips for Pregnant Travel

Pregnant travel insurance

Pregnant travel can be a stressful experience, as specialist travel insurers for those who are pregnant and their companions we are pleased to provide you with some top tips:-

1. Consider the destination… during pregnant travel, you want to try and consider a destination that doesn’t involve a long flight or a lot of changes. Being relaxed, comfortable and healthy whilst travelling in pregnancy is essential. This is why Ravenhall MamAtoB recommend breaks close to home, in the UK and Europe. Ideally, try to choose somewhere within a two-hour to three-hour flight time. To allow you to relax whilst you’re abroad, you may also want to consider the facilities in and around your chosen destination. Ensuring there are a good range of shops, chemists and perhaps a hospital not too far would be beneficial. Whilst doing your research, try to consider whether any vaccinations are required to the country you wish to travel in. You should avoid areas where there is a risk of catching a mosquito-borne disease, such as malaria, dengue or zika. The impact that these could have on your baby could be significant.

2. Plan and plan again… As silly as it may seem, little things can often become bigger issues if you’re not prepared and this can be even worse during Pregnant travel. Ensuring you have a bottle of water, some snacks, your midwife notes, travel insurance and any prescribed medication could be invaluable. Make sure that you take regular stops and toilet breaks and that this is planned into your journey.

3. Packing for the future… As you’ll know, being comfortable in pregnancy is hard enough, so don’t make this harder for yourself. Make sure you have comfortable shoes – and some which can slip on if you can’t bend, or may provide extra room for your feet to swell. If you’re travelling for more than a week or two, consider clothes for your bump to grow into! Your baby apps will let you know how big your baby is growing – but can’t say how big your bump will be in 2 weeks time!

4. Sit back and relax… However you travel, make sure you make the journey comfortable. Doing some simple stretches every hour or so, taking a walk (if possible) and if you’re driving, try to take regular breaks. If you’re travelling by aeroplane, you could try some flight socks to help your circulation. If you are travelling by car or train, factor in rush hour traffic or anything which may add unnecessary stress in to your journey. Rather than your usual action packed, sightseeing holiday, use this opportunity to relax a little bit more. Don’t be embarrassed to tell your travel companions that you need a break.

5. Don’t listen to the horror stories ….. Pregnant travel is completely safe as long as you don’t have any pre existing medical conditions and that you are constant leasing constantly leasing with your medical practitioner. There is no evidence that flying, being in a pressurised cabin nor walking through airport scanners is harmful to your baby, as such take advice and relax….. Don’t listen to the myths,

6. Something else for the tummy… A trip abroad or to somewhere new can often be a great excuse to try some new cuisines and enjoy the local food. Sample the fresh made bread, delicious fruits and seafood options – but you do still need to consider your diet as you would do at home and which foods are safe to eat in pregnancy. You often feel as though you have a better idea of what you’re eating at home, so if you think that you may struggle with the language, take a handy translation book with you. Make sure that you’re including a variety of fruit, vegetables and proteins in to your diet to keep you and your baby healthy. Try to avoid raw vegetables and salad as well as any fruit you haven’t peeled yourself. Make sure that you wash your hands regularly and have plenty of water.

7. Put your feet up… As your body is growing a baby, it’s working overtime trying to get everything ready for their arrival! It’s natural to feel tired and travelling can be a challenge in any circumstance. Make sure that you take a rest when you need it and try to get plenty of sleep. Remember, pregnancy is also the time to put your feet up, literally! This can help to combat swelling and any dangers of DVT.

8. Go with the pace… Holidays are a great time to get away from the everyday pressures and stresses of being at home. Why not use it as an excuse to enjoy over ways to stay active and calm? Maybe consider yoga, Pilates, swimming or walking. All of these exercises can be great for you and your baby. Swimming can also really help to take the weight off that bump if you’re struggling with back pain! You may also want to try and enjoy the time that you have before the baby arrives, or as some call it – a babymoon. Perhaps you would like to indulge in a romantic meal, read a book, or enjoy a spa day. The peace and quiet may be a distant memory in a few months’ time… Make sure you do your research on what is best to avoid whilst pregnant. For example, it wouldn’t be recommended to partake in any strenuous activates such as skiing or rock climbing, and you also need to try away from Jacuzzi’s and steam rooms.

9. Keep smiling… Dependant on your nature and maybe how you’re finding your pregnancy, you may have already noticed people talking to your bump and not your face! Unfortunately this will always happen, but in Mediterranean countries, you may even get some special treatment! Try to enjoy this time and extra attention as being calm and happy is also felt by your baby.

10. Have you thought of everything? Whilst you may think that all of the above is in hand and you’re in control, did you also consider your travel insurance? Ravenhall MamAtoB is specifically designed for mums on the move. Not only does the insurance cover you if your child is born outside of the UK, but for any medical procedures that you may need as well. If you need to cancel your trip for pregnancy related issues – you’re covered for that. Not many insurers can say that. For all of the extra time that you have considered in this post so far, this could be the life saving one. Click here for a quotation for Specialist Pregnancy Travel cover.