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The MamAtoB Pregnancy Travel Product

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Pregnant Travel - Independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in Belfast and Leeds

Ravenhall are travel insurance experts, we have helped thousands of travellers protect the most precious experience of relaxation by using our pregnancy insurance service.

Ravenhall provide a travel product specifically designed for the needs of Pregnant Travellers and their companions.

Are you planning a last, nappy-free holiday before your baby arrives?

Or perhaps you booked your holiday last year, only to discover that you’ll be well into pregnancy when the holiday comes around.

Whatever your plans - spa break, holiday off the beaten track or a relaxing couple of weeks on a Mediterranean beach - you’ll need to think carefully about travel insurance.

While a relaxing break will certainly do mum and baby the world of good, if you’ve left it too late, you could struggle to find cover.

Until now, most travel insurers were (and still are) reluctant to offer cover past 28 weeks of pregnancy, due to the potential risk of complications.

But now, we’ve introduced the MamAtoB product that covers mums-to-be until 4 weeks before due date of the pregnancy.

Our policy covers:-

Please see our FAQs here you can also review the policy wording (Please see Page 19 for pregnancy related section) and the key facts document (Pregnancy related cover on page 3).

MamAtoB is only available to quote and buy online.

Click here to quote and buy online.

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