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Ravenhall Claims Team

Ravenhall Claims Team

Claims handling services differ from broker to broker. Many brokers now don’t retain a claims department, instead of relying on clients dealing with insurers directly, at Ravenhall we are proud of investment in our claims team and the outstanding service they offer our clients.

Callum (Left) Claims Handler and William (Right) Claims manager.

The Team: Callum, Claims Handler and William, Claims manager.

Our claims team is dynamic, innovative and very well placed to deal with our client’s claims needs. They understand that being involved in an incident that leads to presenting a claim can be very stressful and can pose a great degree of inconvenience. Their focus is to try and remove the inconvenience and uncertainty from the situation and replace it with stability and reassurance, with an ever-present determination to move matters forward.

One of the main aims of the claims team is to transfer as much of the work and hassle that can be associated with a claim from our clients and to showcase their skills in getting our claims progressed and settled as well as keeping our clients in the loop at each stage.  The team will always put the client first and will do all they can to achieve the best outcome for them.

Claims are invariably complex and challenging, however, the claims team here at Ravenhall are well equipped to handle any issues they may face in an efficient and effective manner. 

We know that our clients can be confident in the fact that if the worst-case scenario arises and a claim has to be made, their claim will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Clients can rest assured that the outcome of their claim will be fair, reasonable and will not drag them into hours and hours of unwanted admin. Sometimes it’s the time cost of dealing with claims which can have a significant financial impact on claimants.

When a claim is closed, no matter what the outcome, we send a survey out to clients to ensure that we are working to the highest standards, at the time of writing 93% of those who completed the post-loss survey would recommend Ravenhall to their family and friends. An excellent Net Promoter Score which makes us proud of the hard work put in by the claims team.

The claims team continue to do all they can to ensure that our clients can carry on as they were as soon as possible after an incident taking place, which is what the client needs. Removing the claims related administration and stress of making a claim and delivering on the promises that we make at inception.

So if you are bogged down in claims related admin and want to deal with a broker with a qualified, professional claims team then give Ravenhall a call. Contact us here.