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Trade Credit Insurance – Certainty In Uncertain Times

In times of economic uncertainty it can be difficult to prepare your business for growth, its hard to make the difficult risk choices of extending credit limits or dealing with new clients, at times where businesses are cash strapped balancing the need for orders with the risk they potentially present is a tough call for businesses. Trade Credit Insurance can provide certainty in these uncertain times by helping shoulder the credit risk your customers present and allowing you to feel confident to grow.

Some of the suppliers to your business may be affected by their own supply chain, which could impact on delivery of goods/services to you. You could also find that customers may start to stretch payment terms far beyond the terms agreed.

Through trade credit insurance providers we are offering Ravenhall Clients a free health check on your top 5 or 10 customers to ensure their credit profile isn’t declining, and as result, putting you at risk of non-payment or insolvency, please contact your Ravenhall relationship manager for more information.

Why Credit Insure?

With the number of insolvencies expected to rise by up to 13% in the UK this year and the full impact of Corona Virus remaining unknown, there has never been a more poignant time for businesses to consider insuring against non-payment and bad debt.

Key Insights

Benefits of Credit Insurance

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Ravenhall can tailor a credit insurance policy that will compliment your business processes and help you grow with confidence at home or abroad. Contact us today.

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