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What do insurance brokers do?

What do insurance brokers do?

Insurance broking is not new and has been around for many years but what do insurance brokers do? 

First of all, an insurance broker is not the same as an insurer. Our goal as a broker is to help you to pair up with the right insurer to match your needs. Insurance is a confusing world and we are here to be your expert guide. A good insurance broker (like us here at Ravenhall!) work for you and not the insurer. We look at the type of policy you’re looking for; if that be commercial, property, travel, motor or whatever you’re trying to protect and get you the best possible policy we can.

We look at the whole picture and look at all the risks that could affect your policy. We understand that every business and their risks are different, therefore having a broker who knows their stuff is paramount to getting the best cover. Insurance brokers are experts in insurance and we don’t expect you to be, so leave it to the professionals. 

Do you have to be qualified? 

You don’t actually have to be qualified to be just an insurance broker. Although, Insurance brokers are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

The gold standard insurance brokers are chartered and have Chartered status. We have evidence that we have satisfied rigorous qualification criteria by retaining a highly-qualified team who voluntarily adhere to the membership conditions of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Here at Ravenhall Risk Solutions we are proud to be chartered insurance brokers. We are striving to show the world exactly what do insurance brokers do. All our brokers are on an ongoing professional development plan.

What about claims?

One of the pros to having Ravenhall as your insurance broker is you have someone there to sort things out if something goes wrong. Making a claim can be a difficult procedure and you need an insurance expert to fight in your corner. Here at Ravenhall we have our own specialist claims team who specialise in dealing with claims for our clients. 

Why you should choose Ravenhall Risk solutions as your chartered insurance broker? Ravenhall Group - Independent Chartered Insurance Brokers in Belfast and Leeds

Ravenhall is an Independent Chartered Insurance Broker. We’re independent meaning we don’t have any bias towards any insurer we are only biased to our clients best interests. We are chartered meaning we are constantly striving to become the best broker and constantly improve our service. We pride ourselves in providing bespoke and tailor-made advice to clients throughout the UK. Our award-winning team ensure that our clients understand the process, their demands and needs and have the right product to protect them and their assets. Our strength is in the depth of our good quality and dedicated staff and is the reason our reputation has grown along with our business.

Hopefully, this answers the question What do insurance brokers do. And if you’re thinking about using an insurance broker or If you need any advice about insurance then contact our team today. 

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